‘Gyambo’ like other ‘Silver’ towns nurtured and grew its own ‘talent’, not only in sports, academics, technically skilled trade men and women, but in other fields as well. Arts and entertainment, ‘song and dance’ seems to have pulled a lot of young people into its sphere of its call.

There were many ‘signing’ groups that sprang up in all corners of ‘Gyambo’. Each vetting for a chance to perform at the next, street corner or at ‘night of fun’ or bigger venues, such as the talents show’s at ‘Gyambo’ Theater. The ‘Gyambo’ audience were very discerning (some would say ‘cruel’) critics that did not countenance poor performances. Many mediocre singers were ‘booed off the stage’ (yeah we had our Apollo theater before there was an Apollo theater!).
The group captured in this photo features some of our most talented performers. This particular group formed a short lived ensemble called the ‘Diamond Aces’:
From left to right:

  • Sugie Olton
  • Richard ‘Dickie’ Burns
  • Nal Shan
  • Ranny Sealey (standing)

Ranny would later join the Gay Crooners and travel the world as a premier singing group act. Dickie Burns was a highly regarded singer and guitar player. He would form his own ban and achieved significant popularity as a Panamanian artist. Nal was and continues to be a very talented and versatile entertainer who still get together with his ‘New York’ ‘Gyambo paiseros’ to belt a song and enjoyed the camaraderie and memories of the good ‘ole days.

Who are the ‘Gyambo singing group’ you remember? Were you in one of them? Please share your stories in ‘open space*’

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  1. Marva Savory-Layne

    The person on the left is Keith Woodcock, not Sugie Olton.

  2. Antonio Rodriguez ( Gamboa ukslele player )

    The name of the person is not Sugie Olton i remembered that the person who use to sing in the Diamonf Aces group is Keith Woodcock.

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