It is never an exaggeration to state that ‘sports’ played a critical role in shaping ‘Gyambo’s community life’ for the young, middle age and the virulent cohorts of all genders. Archery, track and field, soccer, cricket, volley ball, basketball, weight lifting, boxing, softball, dodgeball and serious games of ‘draft’, dominoes, dice, three card poker and ‘Contract Bridge’. The most popular of all was baseball. Folks of all gender and ages had their favorite teams (especially leading up to the World Series between the Brooklyn Dodger and the Yankees, when all sorts of ‘betting’ took place. In the frenzy of all these game activities, Mr. French attempted to forge a middle ground of discipline and character building, which in the early days was no easy thing to do. Many virulent, strong headed and ‘self’ oriented young men with incredible athletic talents wanted to go their own way, do their own thing. There was, however, one gym, one person with the authority over use of the player field, playing equipment, access to ‘sharp looking uniforms’ and links to opportunities to play outside of ‘Gyambo’. Mr. French held this role and ultimately prevailed in shaping well-honed sport’s character and discipline.
This photo captures a small sample of some of the ‘Gyambo’s notable sportsmen:

  • William ‘Billy’ Millett’ (On the left, followed by…)
  • Emerson ‘Emy’ Cooper (?);
  • Aubrey ‘Hog’ Baxter;
  • Alston ” Allie ” Guillette;
  • Mr.Joseph French (middle);
  • Franklin ‘Reds’ Walters;
  • Vincent “Vin” Ford;
  • ‘Unknown’
  • Young Lady, ‘Unknown’
  • Kneeling, Lucho Morales (right)
  • Ruperto ‘Bankhead’ Toppin;
  • Oscar “Chicken” Townsend
  • Granville Whittaker (?)

Did we get these names right? What memories or stories can you share about ‘Gyambo sports’? Please share them with us on ‘open dialogue/chat room’

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  1. Joyce Holness Findlay

    Is that Philip Malcolm and the girl Diana Carew?

    1. Da Costa F Wilson

      Enjoying with much pleasure and satisfaction like I was reliving the pass again. Love it, love it all.

  2. Da Costa F Wilson

    Photo of the Gyambo’s notable sportsmen. Harmonizing my opinion with Joyce Holness Findlay the beautiful young lady is Diana Carew. And the unknown standing beside Vincent “Vin” Ford appear to me as Bruce “Meaty” Condrington and next to him Phillip Malcolm Jr. Kneeling between Oscar “Chicken” Townsend and Grandville Whittaker appear to me as Errol “Mackie” Sainten.


    DaCosta got right still not sure about Meaty being in the picture.

  4. Yolanda Holness Clark

    the girl in the photo is Diana (Nanny) Carew

  5. Yolanda Holness Clark

    Who is the guy in the checkered shirt? The name Carlos comes to mind??

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