Confirmation Sunday at the Catholic Church… a ritual that called for celebration…and ‘new clothes’! In the early days, this was a big event a rite of passage occasion that signified among other things that you were adult and sufficiently learned in the New Testament take ‘communion’.
Note: Mrs. Stennett is on the stairs to the right of the photo. Her son Jose is the young man standing in the back, left center. He and his brother Rennie would break into Major League Baseball in the mid 1960’s.
The ‘angel’ on the left is Maggie Thorn. She too will travel to the U.S. earn a nursing degree, join the military and continue her professional life as a highly regarded health care administrator.

Can you help us name others in this photo? Please let share memories sparked by this photo with us in the ‘open space chat room*’.

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  1. yolanda holness clark

    other people in the photo are: Jose Stennett, his sister ??, Mrs. Stennett, Carlos Mayers—other angel is Chrisitna Mayers. Don’t know the girl in the middle but I think she lived in Parrallell.

  2. Cynthia A. Winter Pond

    Thanks for the memories of Gamboa/Santa Cruz. The taller angel resembles Margaret Thorne and the girl in the middle resembles Felicia Osavio, my neighbor in 280 A.

  3. Narcisa McFarlane

    Elvia Stennett beside her brother Jose Stennett, yes Cynthia that is Felicia Osavio.

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