Emerson ‘Emy’ Cooper was born on March 28th 1944 to Harold and Florence Cooper. Their family first lived in Front Square on building #310. They later moved to Parallel where they lived on building #272. Emy attended Santa Cruz Elementary School and graduated from Paraiso High School with the class of 1962. Later that year he was successful in earning a scholarship to Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. The next significant station in his personal development was in the U.S. Military where he rose to the rank of Captain in the US Army. Transitioning back to civilian life, Emerson joined the management staff of several prominent U.S. corporations including, Johnson & Johnson (1972-1976) and Pepsi -Cola (1976- 1981). The partnership of Gregory & Cooper Realty (1981-1987) marked another major career path in the real estate sales business. In addition to Gregory & Cooper, this career path included stints with PHH Mortgage (1987-2013); and most recently with Victory Realty (2013-present). Emy’s personal and professional life has and continues to be fueled by his ‘Gyambo’ upbringing.