This United States Federal Post Office Building symbolized and actualized the virtual racial segregation practiced on the mainland USA in those days. Panama Canal Zone white US rate residents received their mail in designated individual mail boxes located in the enclosed area on the right side of this building. Local rate residents received their mail by “General Delivery” from the postal clerk on duty only after all white U.S rate customers were attended to. Among the other sanctioned segregated buildings were the town commissary and railroad station with separated public drinking fountains as well as restrooms.

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  1. Joyce Holness Findlay

    Blacks also had access to individual mail boxes on the left side, for which they paid. Mine was box #515. Any packages or mail that did not have the box number, had to be picked up as General Delivery. As stipulated above, even the U.S. Postal service exhibited sanctioned segregation.

    1. Lucía E. Scott

      Hey Joyce: they tried and failed miserably to break us. We were much stronger than they gave us credit for. All of our parents, especially our mothers were strong willed and strong West Indian women. Amen

      1. Ricardo Butch Millett

        Yeah Lucia and Joyce
        There indeed was ‘something’ that made us ‘resilient’…something that we hope through these ‘cyber space’ exchanges we will be able to articulate more concretely. Whatever ‘it’ was…the proof of it is in the pudding as they said…because we are still here to tell this story.

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