This is a ‘seminal’ photo of ‘Gyamboa’s community at work’. In the early 1950’s the St. Simon Episcopal Church congregation decides to invest in the construction of a new church edifices. This photo captures, what we believe to be ‘weekend volunteers’, recruited by Mr. French, to build the foundation. Church affiliation played no part in volunteering. It was simply an opportunity to help out and contribute to a community effort that was the driving motivation. Some of us have vivid memories of playing minor roles (taking pictures of cold water to quench parched the thirst of workers toiling in the midday tropical heat) and carrying lunches to the volunteer construction crew. We know that families on Church Square had a bird-eye view of this and later phases of the construction. A particular memory was the final construction stage when the crane lifted the church’s bell steeple in place. It signaled the beginning of a period when the Catholic Church’s bell would be accompanied by the St. Simon’s bell to sequentially call folks to worship on Sunday mornings.

What do you remember about the St. Simon’s church construction? Did you participate? Please share you memories/stories with us in the ‘open space*’.

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  1. Pancho (Francisco) Evelyn

    Francisco(Pancho) Evelyn I am in the front shot holding the board second from the right of this picture,Enrique Wade (lighters) four from the right ,walking.

    1. Ricardo Edward

      I remember my participation, carrying bricks, and water pales to masons who were putting up the church. This was in the 60s though…i remember getting about 25 cents for the day.

      1. geno

        I remember that it was in the sixties also. I believe the episcopal diocese funded the building of the current St Simons between 1960 and 1964. Do you remember who the priest was of the parish?

  2. Beth

    I was not born yet, however, I believe the person on the far right is Mr. Josiah.
    Thanks for sharing

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