Leon Sidney Headley, Jr. was born in 1941 in Panama City. Lived in Gamboa. Left in 1945 and moved to Paraiso. He returned to Gamboa and attended Santa Cruz Elementary and graduated from Paraiso High School in 1960. He left for the US in 1960 attended the Wisconsin State College in River Falls ( now the University of Wisconsin-River Falls) graduated with a BS in 1964. Interned in Medical Laboratory Scientist School at St Vincents Hospital in New York City from 1965-1967. He got married to Alice Anderson a native of Louisiana in 1965. He was certified as a Medical Lab Scientist in 1967. Worked in the Cytology department at St. Vincent Hospital. While working in this department he was recruited by a gentleman whom he told he was interested in listening to his lectures on cytology. We had a few conversations and he invited me to participate in the hands-on class he was teaching to Drs. at the time. After the classes he offered me a job working for him at Cytology Services in MD. During this period he became a Certified Cytotechnologist and worked for this company for 8 yrs as Chief Technologist. He also worked as Chief Technologist in Hematology at Georgetown University Hospital for 25 yrs. In 1993 he then was hired by COLA an Accrediting Agency which inspected Clinical Laboratories Nationwide. He was named Team Leader of the Southeast Region of the US. He has been working for COLA 21 yrs. He is an only child born to Leon “Doc” and Violeta “Vie” Headley.