Renaldo “Rennie” Stennett was born in Colon, Panama in 1951. The Stennett family lived on Building # 285 in “Dust Bowl” where Rennie excelled in various sports. His talents distinguished him as “Most Athletic” in his Paraiso High School Senior Class. His Major League Baseball debut came in 1971 with the Pittsburgh Pirates. … In September of that year, Stennett played in “The First All-Black Starting Lineup in Major League History”. He led off the game and the Pirates beat the Phillies by a score of 10 to 7. This “Gyambo Boy” also shared in their World Series Victory in 1979. In another September, in 1975, Rennie became the third of only three players in Major League Baseball History to record seven hits in a single game (The second player to accomplish this fete in a nine-inning game). Also known for his defensive skills at short stop, second base as well as all three outfield positions, he was signed by The San Francisco Giants for the last two years of his baseball career (1980 & 1981).

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  1. Belinda Redd

    Dear Mr. Stennett we are old but dear friends of yours. My father practiced with you when you played with the Charleston Charlie’s, in Charleston, WV. His name is James Redd. I am his daughter. I was 3 yrs. old when you took me riding in your Camaro and you were just drafted to the Pittsburg Pirates. We wanted to say that we have thought about you over the years and wondered what you were doing in the world besides playing baseball. Our family moved to Texas and my parents divorced. We always wanted to know how you were. I even remember you. (smiles)

  2. Danny

    My very personal belief is he is the best player to reach the MLB from not only Gamboa but all of Panama. His hitting skills were nonpareil. This card has him as outfielder but remember him as second base. Few remember, but he was an excellent pitcher in Panama.

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