The second photo depicts a wide angle view of the school. Remember the early days circa 1940-1960? There were no class rooms at the base of the school building. It was an open space, with lots of ‘posts’ where we gathered and played in the morning before the ‘school bell’ rang. This was a serious signal and fun and jokes immediately ceased. We all formed lines and silently, orderly marched upstairs to our respective class rooms. The seventh and eighth graders were envied as they got to go last (and had more time to snicker and play around before being marched on to their class room). We all wanted grow up fast to have that ‘privilege’ of being last. And better yet to go on to 9th grade in La Boca or later to Paraiso…on the bus! Oh boy! More time for fun and basilón on the bus. Although we were never to visit the school grounds after hours, sneaking off there at night was really fun, particularly if you could sneak along with a partner! This would really be an educational venture!
Talking adventure, it took quite a lot of stealth to sneak by the gazing eyes of Mr. Morgan, pass the school and get down the road to ‘Romance Beach’ or to ‘Culvert’. Somehow…many of us made it by not only Mr. Morgan or but stealthily got pass the ‘Salvadorian Camp site’, pass ‘Big Man’s shack’ to the big plum, star apple, tamarindo, and mango trees. Some of us skipped all of fruit trees all the way to black road, across the rail road tracks to canal for a swim or ‘something’.

So many beautiful memories are sparked by these photos. Please share your memories with us.
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  1. Lucía E. Scott

    So many memories here. I rode my skates under the cellar because it was so smooth. I rode my brothers bike as well before going to pick fruits by the bridge behind the school.

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