This maintenance department of the Panama Canal Company was responsible for keeping the canal free of debris produced by the ongoing landslides that were a constant threat at Gillard Cut,(also known as Culebra Cut) the most difficult eight mile stretch of the canal’s construction. Most of the equipment needed to accomplish this task ( floating cranes, dredges, launches, tugboats, barges etc. ) were housed at the Dredging Division. In addition, the division housed several specialty shops including machine shop, blacksmith and foundry shops, paint shop, carpentry shop, welding shop, sand blasting operation and launch repair shop. The staff of The Main Office of the Dredging Division, built in the center of that site, handled all administrative as well as clerical support for these shops. Although initially established approximately eight miles further south, in the Canal Zone townsite of Paraiso. Gamboa proved to be a vantage point for addressing canal maintenance issues. Thus, the relocation of the Dredging Division in 1936. Most residents of Gamboa Canal Zone worked for the Dredging Division.

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