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Is the third child of the Baxter Family. The Baxter’s moved to Gyambo in 1935 and resided at building (s) 314 and 317. She attended ‘Santa Cruz Elementary School” and later Paraiso High School where she graduated in 1958. J n 1960 following graduation from Canal Zone Jr. college Arlene migrated to the U.S.A where she attended Univ. of Wisconsin at River Falls and in 1975 earned a Master’s Degree in Management & Supervision in Allied Health Administration from Central Michigan University. She attributes her personal, professional and spiritual grounding to a solid community upbringing in Gyambo, where she was grounded in a ‘mantra’ that has guided her ‘philosophy of life “…one should do all the good one can, by all means, in all the places for all people for as long as one can