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Ribbing, kidding, teasing, clowning and making a ‘joke of everything’ was typical play in ‘Gyambo’. Indeed it is an endearing (or cruel…pending if you are the ‘butt of the game’) element of our Caribbean/West Indian cultural heritage deepened in Panama/Latino Basilón/ and calypso traditions. It is in the family of ‘playing the dozens’ theme in African American culture.

In this photo Lynton Roberts (‘Palance’) and Wilfred ‘Baby’ Warren are clearly in ‘basilón’ mode… clowning and crowding the shot intended

to capture Ruby Savory’s and unknown young lady’s photo.

Can you name the ‘unknown’ young lady in the photo? What memories does this photo spark for you? Please share thoughts, photos, and similar stories with us the open space* dialogue space.


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  1. Daisy

    Labalsa washer last name.

  2. JOSE French

    The young lady’s name is one of my dad’s famous female athletes: the late Diana Labalsa

  3. Marva Savory-Layne

    The young lady next to my sister Ruby is Diana Labalsa. She was my sister’s good buddy and passed away very early in her young life. She was a class-mate of your board members Mitch Evelyn and Danny McFarlane (Paraiso Class of 1961.

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