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  1. Francine Gilling

    Thanks dad, you always had me laughing telling me about your adventures, close calls, and thinking you were going to get fired, when you called a captain off the tug, to “beat his ass” when he said something derogatory. AND to your surprise, they sent you back to work, and got rid, or re-assigned the captain. I was holding my breath, waiting to hear why they called you ” Gunnar “, you never told.

  2. John butch joshua

    Gunnar was a great person never angry he was my uncle. I could speak to him about anything often accompany him and percy shan to on saturdays to buy their contract lottery tickets and taste their liquor such memories are irreplaceable.He thought how to shine my shoes and how to tie a tie.His favorite comments to me was bwoy ah gwine mek yu a mann

  3. F. Gilling

    My father was a talented, proud, and outspoken. He was comical, the many times he visited me, we would sit, and talk for hours into the night. On one of his visits, it was 9:30 PM at night, he tought it was 5:00 PM, and said “no man, no man, people hafu go bed.” I laugh so hard, my dad, had me crying. Well, he finally after another hour of talking, went to bed, and still stayed up late that night, talking to my son, imparting the knowledge, that elders impart to young ones. God bless them all, mostly, for the wonderful memories.

  4. F.Gilling

    It’s been 4 years since my dad passed away, to my delight, I can come here, and see him-as if-he is next door, or just a phone call away. Thanks for this gift, I truly appreciate this delightful interview. Please, please, continue this work. Thanks

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