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Gamboa 1975…by this time over 40% of the Silver Town residential quarters have been demolished. The School, Gym and Clubhouse are still standing;Church Square quarters are gone; Baptiste and Seventh Day Adventist churches are gone; Dustbowl and Parallel are still standing; the Bachelor’s quarters on Front St are gone. White folks quarters, are still standing…and the Smithsonian Institute have not taken over…yet.

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  1. Lucía E. Scott

    Santa Cruz is and will always be home to me. I miss the people, my friends and my Seventh Day Adventist Church that thought me about the Lord and still serve him.
    I miss playing chipón, jacks, Lara, jump rope etc with my friends. I can’t wait to get back for a visit.
    Viva la zona de Santa Cruz!

  2. Sharon A Foster

    I share the.sentiment my home will always be Gamboa , Santa Cruz this beautiful place that I often think about. My memories of our home was simple we grew up in caring village our childhood is as such that left imprints in our heart never to be forgotten. The legacy we share carry a special and unique values it almost like we own that part of the world that only the bridge connect us to others.. We live together in unity we share precious moments commissary clubs house. School churches we didn’t know anything about disrespected anyone. Children stay in their place.
    I remember all my friends I remember being a girls scout and my mother allowing vilma nestfield to take me as well I was the youngest one in the junior cordette the older girls look out for younger ones. we wear tees shirt with the name and shorty skirt aqua with pant attach bobby socks we just knew we were cute. We had certain time go and play upstairs when street light came on. If you didn’t there was a consequence there was time for everything we had do chores after school change into play clothes our Teacher was respected Good Friday we went to church for 3 hours it was solemn Easter Sunday we will dress up I use to follow my brothers to cold water climb hill trees. Whatever take. I could go on on. We were safe We moved from Gamboa in later years my parents was sad so was we by that time only brother and I was home my brother’s had all travel we moved to Pedro Miguel to Paraiso for a long time even when we had land a house our home it wasn’t same to leave Canal Zone the transition was difficult .finally things change. Families in Gamboa live in small quarter with their children but love and togetherness reign we share privilege life beyond the beauty of our imagination we live on 275 Dust bowl #6311 and every Christmas we won for best decorated building it was never plan but great mind work together. One of my many trip back home I got opportunity to ride on the tugboat thru canal what a experience to see locks open no water after passing thru and looking back it’s amazing awesome. God blessed the canal operator. Not one incident Our beautiful panama and colon our Gamboa we were fortunate & blessed to grow up with such a lifestyle to keep us grounded and moulded us into who we are today . Thank God for all his blessing.

    1. Lucía Scott

      I agree with you Sharon. This is Teodolinda Duncan aka: Lucía Scott. I remember so much just living there for my childhood life and when I left, it tore me up for awhile. I remembered just picking the fruits of the trees, walking around bare feet, pathfinders, jumping rope my gosh just everything about this place and I remember 99.99% of the people if not by name, nick name or their faces. Lol

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