As we left to find our fortunes we surely heard you say

“Don’t forget the lessons you’ve been taught and don’t forget to pray”

Your red light in the distance then we saw it turn to green

Quickly you were out of sight but this is what you’ve come to mean

Fun filled walks with childhood friends as we stepped across your trestles

Young men wearing tailored slacks and girls in frilly dresses

Singing to our hearts’ content, delighting every ear

Tho the Chagres flowed beneath us, there was no hint of fear

We learned from you quite early that if we remain in lane

We need not fear life’s traffic or run away from pain

These many years away from you with stops in distant places

Allow us to retrace our steps to appreciate your graces

On our return we’ll find you there like Lady Liberty

Saying “welcome home, I’m glad you’re here” in all sincerity

by Gyambo Boy

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