In the early 1950’s, very bright and talented Santa Cruz /Gamboa Canal Zone youth, facing scarce employment as well as travel opportunities, found themselves in need of a vehicle for advancement . …. Then came the United States’ Korean conflict and over forty young people volunteered to be inducted in the United States Armed Forces.

US – Korean Conflict Inductees From Santa Cruz I Gamboa Canal Zone

Gilbert Amantine, Carlos Arieta, Robert Blades, Terry Burns, Patrick Burns, Leslie Campbell, Clarence Eversley, Ralph Eversely, Annand George, Arthur George, Anthony Gibbs, George Gibbs, Donald Goode, Calvin Gooding, Calvin Gran, Olson Grant, Prince Grant, Joseph Griffith, Charles Jarvis, Conrad Jarvis, Eddie Jones, Henry Jones, Carlton Josiah, Ralph Macfarlan, Peter Moore , Frederick Myrie, Alvin Powell, Orlando Rollocks, Winston Rollocks, Carlos Romero, Daniel Rowe, Eric Sainten, Delano Samuels, Orlando Scott, Thomas Scott, Vernon Sealey, Reinell Smith, Horace Stevenson, Wilburt Stevenson, Clifford Stewart, Leslie Thomas, Frederick Thomas, Gilbert Thorne, Roy Truick, Mankin Wade, Albert Waithe, Fitz Waithe

The following piece was written by Mr. Vivian Dottin (La Boca, Canal Zone) and contributed to by
Mr. Robert Blades (Santa Cruz/Gamboa) . .. Both gentlemen are veterans of the US/Korean War. Please read, enjoy and comment.

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  1. Reva Richards Marcellin

    Excellent info, narrative and recognition of those who left by ship from Colon to fight in the Korean War. I went to the pier as a little girl with the family of Fitz Waithe (aka Ward), who left on that mission, that ultimately gave these brave soldiers citizenship in the USA. One correction is noted, namely, that the other brother who fought in that war name was Darnley Waithe, not Albert (another younger brother). Thanks for remembering those who felt that they had the right to pursue their goal\as residents of the CANAL ZONE to volunteeror sign up for military duty. In retrospect, their birth certificates should have read: “American”, since they were born at Gorgas Hospital on the C.Z., which was at the time referred to as an American territory due to the 100 year treaty that existed – my personal opinion. I was told later on as a teenager, that this designation was initiated by members of the AFLCIO, that individuals born on the Canal Zone during that era should have been considered US citizens. However, the governor (from the South), was not in agreement, therefore, did not find it necessary to send the request to the US Congress for consideration and determination. More due diligence needed on this to ascertain the actual facts of this omission and birthright…

    1. carlos alleyne

      Thank you Reva for your observations as well as comments. We will follow up and make necessary corrections.

  2. Arlene Baxter

    I think that Alvin Baxter was one of the last to leave the CZ through this mission.

  3. ricky edward

    And for the record, the veteran count never stopped to include all those that came and represented Gyambaks the numbers run deep. Thanx for a wonderful expanded vision. Thanx a mil!!!

  4. Norma G Hobley Ashers

    Another classmate not mentioned, was Edgar Guillette, he served in the Airforce, also from Gamboa, most of us were in the class of 1952, graduates from La Boca Vocational High School.

  5. Eric Sainten

    omitted from your list AlvinBaxter

  6. Franklin Williamssr

    They also served in the viet nam war,not all.

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