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‘Graduating’ from ‘Gyambo’ Elementary School to high school in Red Tank or later to Paraiso was a ‘big deal’! It meant riding the school bus from ‘Gyambo’ to high school (particularly exhilarating if the driver had a ‘heavy foot’). It meant having a higher ‘degree of freedom’ status, including travel to Paraiso, getting to know ‘girls’ or ‘boys’ in a different town or generally more opportunities to ‘travel’ out of the isolation of Gyambo’s township.
This photo captures a cohort of ‘Gyambo’ youth enjoying their newly acquired degree of ‘freedom’ at a Paraiso High School dance. Pictured at the top center of the table: Levy ‘Mitchy’ Evelyn, and to his left Joyce Holness, followed by Dickie Carew, Pilar Moreno, Danny McFarlane and ‘unknown’ young lady.

Did we get these names right? Do you remember your Paraiso high school days? Share your memories and stories with us in ‘open space*’

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  1. jahfin@hotmail.com

    The unknown young lady is Claudette Bovell. I think this was our 1960 Jr/Sr dance in Paraiso Gym. All of us on this table were from Gyambo. We probably took a bus to this affair, however, as students in the barn, we rode the train to school.

    1. Reva Richards Marcellin

      The “unknown” young lady behind Danny and next to Mitch is Claudette Bovell.

  2. Patricia Smith

    You mention “Dickue Carew”. Could he have been related ti the famous baseball player “Rod Carew”?
    Patricia Smith
    BHS ’75

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