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Mr. French’s organized sports planning and execution dates back to the early 1950’s (and most likely before then). This photo captures the youthful demeanor of guys who would become noted ‘Gyambo’ sport stars/personalities. For younger generations they were the ‘big boys’ that many would admire and attempt to model in temperament, style and character.
We are unable to identify those that are standing. We are relatively sure, that we the correct names for those kneeling in the forefront of the photo.

Let us know if we are correct. From left to right:

  • Aubrey ‘Charlie/Hogg’ Baxter, Stanford Levy, Charles ‘Charlie’ Welch, Rupert Fennel, ‘Bobby’ Ramsey, Phillip Malcom.

Can you help us confirm these names and identify those that are standing? Do you remember the name of this team? When, where they played, and against which teams (local or did they travel to Paraiso, Rainbow City, Colon or Panama City or surrounding towns)?

What memories does this photo spark for you? Please share them with us on ‘*open space’.

Can you remember any of these guys (this photo must have been taken circa 1953-1956/latest. Check out the capsJ What was the name of this team???

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  1. otownsjr@sbcglobal.net

    I believe Steven Duncan is standing center.

  2. Hilton A. Warren

    H. Scott, Hilton Warren, Steven Duncan, Lionel Fardin. The name of the
    Team was Montecello.

  3. Andy Gonzalez

    Me gustaría saber si Rod Carew participo en estás ligas en Gamboa y si hay fotos de cuando él jugó niño en Gamboa?
    Además me gustaría saber si hay alguien de los que leen aquí que compartió en la niñez con Carew cuando vivió en Gamboa, porque tengo entendido que él. Salió de panamá a los 14 años ( 1959) .
    Mi madre creició entre balboa, la boca y Pedro Miguel, egreso de paraíso high school.

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