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The young lady in this photo is Marion Holness. The photo was taken in front of the right end steps of Building# 319. It is difficult to figure out who lived in these apartments at any particular time (See the ‘resident mapping/building section of the website and help us flesh it out). However, most of us might recall that the ‘Dyers’ lived on #319 in the top apartment on the ‘right steps’ where this photo was taken. And, the Fergus’s lived below them and the Tates on the apartment on the left of the Fergus’ (circa 1960).
This photo captures a glimpse of ‘Gyambo’s historical development. Note the ground beneath the building was not yet paved in cement. These were the good ole days when ‘playing under the cellar’ was loads of fun. We played serious competitive ‘marbles’ under #319. Many dudes lost all their marbles to the better players and went home ‘crying’. On rainy days, we kids were warned not to venture out too far, but allowed to play under the house. We played ‘stick in the mud’, ‘nani- nani come out and play’ (coaxing the earth beetle from its burrowed nest) during these rainy days. In the early evening, those of us who were really ‘stupid’ played the dangerous game of running behind the ‘mosquito gas truck’. Later we might organize a game of ‘pan’ (our version of ‘hide and go seek’). And in the late evenings we played other games, like ‘behind the meter’ (no comment or details on this one… PLEASE!).
The adjacent building in the background on the right is building #318. Our guess is that the Josiah’s lived in this building (in the downstairs middle apartment not seen in the photo), circa 1950’s. The two windows visible of building #318, pertained to the apartments on the top and bottom floors. Cornelius ‘Gunner’ Gillings, Doris Joshua-Gillings and Francine Gillings resided in the top apartment. The Roberts (‘Palance’, ‘Bunny’ and their parents Mr. and Mrs. Roberts’) resided in the apartment below (circa 1960).
Note the garden in front of the #319 stairs. These were the times when families were ‘allowed’ to plant herbs, flowers, ‘sorrell’ (Hibiscus for you sophisticates) and other stuff in the patch of land in front of the ‘steps’ and behind the house.
It’s difficult to tell if the ‘little boy’ on top of the step is Tony Dyer. It could be. Do you know?

What memories of ‘‘Gyambo’’ comes to mind for you during the era this photo was taken? Please share them with us on the ‘open space/dialogue page*’

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  1. Beth

    Yes, the Josiah’s lived on #318 in the middle.

  2. Mr Morris Brathwaite

    Very very good in Panama.it was good

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