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We begin the ‘people and group’ photo gallery with Mr. French, a stalwart, indefatigable, every present and ever watching guardian, molder, in ‘loco parentis’. This man had an influence directly and indirectly in the lives of generations of ‘Gyambo’ youth. He remains widely respected by most if not all of us who learned discipline, team play, civic mindedness, self-respect, and being of taking ‘responsibility for one’s destiny’ despite seemingly overwhelming odds.



Please share your favorite ‘Mr. French’ memories, stories, reminisces with us in the ‘open space forum’*


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  1. Makeda Kamara

    What can I say about Mr French that hasn’t been said before. “Eagle Eyes,” has we Gyamboa youth called him never missed a blip. He made sure that that we became involved in all sorts of experiences. I remember riding in Betsy as we called his beloved truck We went to the same church and he was my Mother’s compadre. I remember he and my father were in an accident when he was teaching him how to drive. My parents had just moved to Balmoral and a car came with the home. They’d gone to Paraiso (my parent’s like many others were forced out of church square; first to Dust Bowl then to Lollipop Lane in Paraiso) and now like many others had moved to various up and coming developments in the city. I love Mr French for all he did in ensuring that we knew not to succeed was not an option. Too bad many of our children never experienced teachers and adults like him and many others we had the fortune to. Our experience was a unique moment in history. In retrospect we were blessed to have had that opportunity.

    1. Lucía E. Scott

      I agree with Makeda. The people that lived here validated the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”

      1. dels40@live.com

        Mr.French. This gentle giant showed me how to hold a baseball bat correctly, we did not pass his gym class if we did not learn to swim. There was a certain someone who was so scared of the deep end, our teacher made sure his students conquered that fare of the pool. We were so happy when our classmate was able to swim out of the pool. I am happy I had the opportunity to learn from a great man.

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