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Ricardo (Butch) Millett is the third boy in the Millett’s five children clan. While the Millett’s lived in Old Gyambo in the late 1930’s and moved to Front Square in the early 1940’s Butch only remembers life in Church Square (Bldg. #319) where he grew up with challenged in the youthful and vibrant adolescent social environment that would ultimately shape his adventurous and competitive propensities. He attended Gamboa Elementary school, Paraiso High School (class of ’64). The gods of fortune smiled at him when he was awarded a full scholarship to Brandeis University, in Waltham Massachusetts in 1964 that continued his throughout his academic studies (B.A.; Masters and Ph.D.). He has since dedicated his personal and professional life to balancing his life’s fortunes by ‘giving back’. He fully acknowledges the role, influences and impact that growing up in ‘Gyambo’ had in shaping his personal and professional commitment to the pursuit of ‘Racial Equity and Social-Economic Justice’.