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  1. Aida Smith Ford

    My deepest condolence!❤

  2. Aida Ford

    Roy Douglas Holness..RIP.

  3. Amaryllis Holness

    Thank you for this. You have immortalized part of my grandfathers story so i can hear it over and over again now that he’s gone.? i love you Grandpa

  4. Yolanda Clark

    My gentle giant brother Roy! Left us on November 28th 2020. I will always hear his voice: “HEY YOLI, WHAT’S UP?” Roy had a photographic memory for ALL THINGS FSMILY, FRIENDS, COMMUNITY, EVENTS, especially baseball statistics, anything numerical! Roy truly had a BRILLIANT MIND & always used it FOR THE GREATER GOOD! He NEVER had a negative word to say against anyone; always looked for that rainbow during & after life’s storms. Roy was an AMIABLE, WELCOMING MAN WHO MADE EVERYONE FEEL IMPORTANT!Roy was NOT perfect but welcomed every stranger, cared for every human with genuine empathy & compassion! VAYA CON DIOS MI HERMANO!

  5. Enrique Campbell

    Mr Roy Holness, one of my neighbors in Juan Diaz. I grow up with his children. Know the family very well, He was a avid softball player. Highly respectable member of the Panamanian community. May the lord give comfort to his family and friends. May he Rest In Peace til resurrection day!

  6. Elder Rev. Antionettea Etienne

    Rest in peace Tio.

  7. Ana Holness

    Gone in presence but Never forgotten. My grandpa was more like a father to me and I’m forever grateful to have had him be such a big part of me and my son’s life. Grandpa was my talking partner and although I’m missing a piece of me right now, I know when we meet again it’ll b like no time has passed. We love you very much grandpa . Always and forever.

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