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So many memories of our early schooling, and our teachers,( Ms. Henry, Ms. Moore, Ms. Phillips, Mr. Barton, Mr. Knowles (add others) and many others that nurtured, nourished and prepared us for the intellectual rigors that we would face in our future educational endeavors. And prepared we were…thanks to ‘Mr. Morgan’s school’.
This photo was taken circa late 1990’s. The building shows a great deal of wear and tear, but the memories are strong and vivid. In the first photo we see a close up to the schools entrance. To the left was Mr. Morgan’s office. You never wanted to be summoned there! There were no legal restrictions to ‘corporeal punishment’ and Mr. Morgan’s belt was infamous. Across from his office, to the right, was the nurse’s office and clinic. It was not fun going in there either. Students visit to the clinic was rare but each year we would line up to take flu, polio or other annual shots or medication for some thing or another. Or to be fixed up after ‘fight’ which seem to be a daily event before and after school most school days.

So many beautiful memories are sparked by these photos. Please share your memories with us.
We invite your Open Space comments, your participation in the Residential Profile and your pictures with commentary in the Photo Gallery.

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  1. Eric Brathwaite

    There was also Miss Mite (later Morrison) Mr. Hamilton and the one who dished out the punishment when Mr. Morgan was absent, our own Mr. Gittens .

  2. Marva Alleyne

    That’s Miss Smythe. She was my first grade teacher; if I’m not mistaken, our class was her first ever as a teacher. She used to figure skate on rollerskates with wooden wheels in “Mr. French’s” gym. She was also ahead of her time with the presentation of plays, using primary grade students. We presented several playes throughout the year. i.e.,Springtime, Halloween, etc. and one that has remained in my memory, we acted to the the poem,”Somebody’s Mother”. Our parents made our crepe paper costumes…. I could go on and on. What memories!

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