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This Church was constructed in the mid to late 1940’s primarily as a place of worship for parishioners of Caribbean descent. The building construction was accomplished by members with skills in the various building trades. Also shown is the Pastor’s residence which stood no more than fifty feet away. The church’s original congregants were a small group of believers residing mostly near Old Gamboa on leased land known as Obispo. The youth membership of this congregation (mostly children of older members) grew steadily and during the mid 1950’s enjoyed a wide range of activities. The Pathfinder and Master Guide Clubs taught survival skills (similar to scouting), nature courses such as identifying birds and plants. Also, first aid classes as well as biblical studies were rewarded with merit badges. Adult members participated in vegetarian cooking classes and cake decorating classes. Essay contests helped the youth in reinforcing language and delivery skills learned in Junior High School. These young people also planned and carried out social activities which were also attended by “out of town” youth. This church provided venues for all who were musically inclined. There was a harmonica Band, male vocal quartet, youth and adult choirs. Others enjoyed delighting the congregation with musical selections on the piano, saxophone, violin, clarinet, guitar and other musical instruments. To the community, church attendance on Saturday was probably one of the most distinguishing features of the Gamboa SDA Church.

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  1. Lucía E. Scott

    Our church was like a second home to me. We learned so much. The Pathfinder Club thought how to tie knots, marching tracking, studying the stars, constellations etc. we learned about friendships and what the Lord expected from us. We went Ingathering with Mr. Josiah and Mr. Wilson just to collect money to help others who didn’t have the necessities. We were treated poorly by the white people in Balboa but that never dessuay us. I saw it 5 years ago and it brought tears to my eyes. All that’s standing is cement.

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