In our present time, there is a necessity for rugged independence among individuals. But this is often supported in good measure by deliberate interdependence with a community of other souls. …………. the stronger gravitational field that holds a group together are their stories… the common and simple ones they share with one another. It is the experiences you share with others and the stories that you tell about those experiences afterward, and the tales you bring from the past and future that create the ultimate bond.

There is no right or wrong way to tell a story. So cajole the old grumpy ones to tell their best memories. Ask the little ones their happiest moments. Ask the teenagers the scariest times of their lives. Give the old ones the floor. Go all around the circle. Coax out the introverts. Ask each person. You will see. Every one will be warmed, sustained by the circle of stories you create together.

Though none of us will live forever, the stories can. As long as one soul remains who can tell the story, and that by the recounting of the tale, the greater forces of love, mercy generosity and strength are continuously called into being in the world, I promise you … It will be enough.

With much love and appreciation to you for helping to tell The Gyambo/Santa Cruz/Gamboa Story

Carlos “Jumbo” Alleyne

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